Plotting Software for Nuclear Data





     NDPlot is an efficient plotting tool for nuclear data. It is not only a plotting tool for nuclear data, but also integrated application software.

     We have released the beta version of NDPlot with a NDPlot server on the internet. NDPlot can plot experimental and evaluated data of reaction cross sections, angular distributions of secondary particles, energy distributions of secondary particles and energy-angle distributions of products.

    Since September 2018, it has been able to plot the chain yields and energy dependent fission product yields, including experimental data and evaluated data. NDPlot also provides tools to filter fission yield data and correct the data with new gamma data.

System Requirement

windows xp,windows 2000,windows 7,windows 8,windows 10


Yield Energy Dependence and Chain Yield


Ta-181-DA 14.x MeV



NDPlot 0.94 Beta May.13,2019

New Features:

1 Input parameter files for theoretical calculation programm can be stored in project files with timestamp.

2. Multiple threads support for summation with curves



NDPlot 0.93 Beta Dec.24,2018

New Features:

1 Adding curves to Project from ENDF File.
A project file can have a list of nuclear reactions.(Z,A,M,MF,MT,E,Angle,factor),
The corresponding nuclear reaction curves from a theoretically calculated or evaluated ENDF/B File can be easyly loaded.

2. Summation with curves
The curves can be summed



NDPlot 0.92 Beta Nov.,09,2018

New Features:

1.BatchPlotting support special treatment of inelastic scattering cross sections(discrete level excitation cross sections). Demo

2.Number of Neutrons per Fission. Demo

3.Chain yields and energy dependent fission product yields




NDPlot 0.91 Beta Oct.,17,2018